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Wednesday 12th November 2008

Wednesday 12th November 2008

Wednesday 12th November 2008 – My second night in Norfolk was just as quiet as my first with one difference… I wasn’t woken up by my nurses wanting to stab me! I woke up quite early and played quietly while I waited for mummy or daddy to come and see me. Daddy arrived a little while after I’d woken up and I was very pleased to see him. We had a big cuddle and I tried to tell him the good news about me not being stabbed, but I think he realised because I didn’t have any sticky plasters on my hands, arms or feet!

Daddy tried giving me some porridge for breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry so I only had a couple of spoonfuls. Mummy came in just as daddy had finished trying to give me my porridge and I was really happy to see her too. We had a cuddle and played for a bit. Then daddy game me some milk and I had 60mls from my bottle but was then sick lots. Mummy and daddy cleaned me up and I smiled lots to let them know I was happy and waiting to play.

One of my doctors came in to see mummy and daddy and they told her that they really want me to come home before Monday as they don’t want me picking up another bug while I’m in hospital like I did in May. My doctor said she agreed with what mummy and daddy were saying and that she would see what she could do to speed up my discharge. She left and mummy and daddy went to get a drink. When they came back my doctor had come back again and this time she’d brought a friend of hers. I knew this probably meant I was about to be attacked again and looked at mummy and daddy and cried. I was right (as usual!). My doctor took my sock off and then stabbed my foot! I really didn’t appreciate her stabbing me and cried loudly while she squeezed it to make me bleed more. Her friend then told her that she hadn’t got enough blood for her to use in the little machine she had brought with her and she would have to stab me again… in my other foot! This time she did get enough blood (hardly surprising as I was, by now, very upset!). My doctors friend told her that my INR was 2.6 which was within my target range and then told mummy and daddy that they will eventually have a machine like hers at home so they can do my INR levels. They didn’t seem too enthusiastic at that news but they know it’s very important my INR levels are monitored closely for the rest of my life.

After my doctor had stabbed both my feet, daddy gave me a snuggle cuddle and mummy made me laugh again. I’m getting used to being stabbed so it doesn’t take long for me to settle down once my doctors and nurses leave me alone. I watched some tv for a little while and then had a sleep.

While I was asleep my doctor came in again and said that my doctor that comes to see me at home was coming to talk to mummy and daddy. When she came in I woke up and mummy and daddy told her how well I was doing and asked about me coming home. My home doctor told them that, although she understood their desire to have me home, there were a few procedures that needed to be finalised such as my medicines, my feeds, my INR levels and a meeting between mummy, daddy, my doctors and all the support team. She said this would all take time but it was for my benefit. Mummy and daddy agreed and asked whether there was a chance I could go home during the day and only come in when I needed certain things being done. My home doctor said she would see what she could do.

It was now lunch time and I ate over half a jar of my dinner without being even a little bit sick! When i’d finished another doctor came to see me. This doctor looks after my feeds and decides what I should have and when. She spoke to mummy and daddy about my weight and told them I’d lost a little bit in the past couple of days and suggested putting the stuff that makes me sick back in my milk again. Mummy and daddy weren’t too happy about it but my food doctor told them she’d only put a very small amount in to begin with and see how I went from there. Mummy and daddy said that would be ok and they’d talk to my food nurse in a few days to talk about maybe increasing it as long as I hadn’t been sick. Then my food nurse talked about when I came home for good and said that it wasn’t fair on mummy and daddy to have to get up in the middle of the night to put my milk through my tube in my nose and said she would work out a new routine where I was still getting the same amount of milk and dinners, but just at more mummy and daddy friendly times. Mummy and daddy seemed pleased with this plan!

I had 50mls of milk from my bottle and wasn’t sick and then had a nice sleep. When I woke up mummy had gone to pick Dylan up from school so me and daddy played peek-a-boo with the nurses outside my special room. Then daddy showed me what I thought was another daddy holding me! He said it was a mirror but it didn’t play music like the one on my cot so I was a bit confused and kept trying to grab the little baby daddy was cuddling. Every time I tried to grab her she tried to grab me too! It was very funny!

Just before mummy came back with Dylan I had to have my tea but it was not long after I’d had my milk so I didn’t want it. Then mummy, Dylan and Nanny Chris all came in so I had lots of cuddles instead. I was very good and didn’t cry once when nanny Chris cuddled me. I had my milk and wasn’t sick again and then mummy, Dylan and nanny Chris all said goodnight and left me with daddy.

Me and daddy had a snuggle cuddle and watched In the Night Garden and I started feeling very sleepy. Daddy put me in my cot and said goodnight too and told me mummy would be in to see me first thing in the morning. I fell asleep just after daddy left and hope tomorrow I might be allowed to go home for little while in the afternoon…


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