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Wednesday 19th November 2008

Wednesday 19th November 2008

Wednesday 19th November 2008 – Daddy woke me up today and tried giving me some ready brek made with my special milk. I wasn’t hungry though so I didn’t want any. I had my medicines and then daddy took Dylan to school and me and mummy had a cuddle in her bed for a little while. Then mummy gave me my milk and I had 70mls from my bottle and the rest through my tube in my nose and I wasn’t sick.

When daddy came home from taking Dylan to school he gave me a big snuggle cuddle and played with me and mummy for a little while. Mummy and daddy made me laugh lots and then I had a bounce for a little while in my door bouncer. Daddy made me swing backwards and forwards and I couldn’t stop giggling! I haven’t been in my bouncer for a very long time and loved it so hopefully will get to go in it again soon.

I had half a jar of sweet squash and chicken for lunch and had some more medicines. When it was time for my milk I didn’t have a lot so had the rest through my tube. Then daddy had to go to work. While he was gone my home nurse came to see me and mummy. She asked mummy how I’d been doing and mummy told her I had settled in at home very well and was sleeping all night without waking up and was eating well. My home nurse was very pleased and then said she would weigh me just to see how well I was doing. When I was last weighed on Sunday I was 10lb 11oz’s so anything over that would be a good thing… Mummy couldn’t believe it when my home nurse told her I was now 11lb 4oz’s!!! My home nurse said there would be a discrepancy due to different scales but nothing like that much much! When mummy told daddy he was really happy and said he could see that I was looking plumper than I ever have so I can’t be far off what the scales said. If I can carry on putting weight on like this then I won’t need the feeding tube put into my tummy after all!

After my home nurse had gone me and mummy went to pick Dylan up from school. Daddy came home a little while later and gave me a big sloppy kiss and said I was a good girl for getting bigger.

I know I need to keep eating lots to carry on putting weight on but I wasn’t very hungry when it was time for my tea. I was ready for my milk a little later though so had 80mls from my bottle. Me and mummy had some cuddles and then daddy kidnapped me and played with me for a bit too. Then me, mummy, daddy and Dylan went to the shops and daddy kept spinning me round in the trolley. He’s very good at doing that because I always end up looking at him after he’s spun me round. I giggled lots and then started feeling sleepy.

When we got home I fell asleep and had a little nap. When I woke up granddad Mick came round to see us all and I smiled at him when he made silly noises at me.

Me, mummy, and daddy played for a little while and then it was time for me to go to bed. Daddy gave me a snuggle cuddle and then took me to my cot. I was very tired and am getting more used to my room again so I fell asleep straight away.

Daddy came to get me a little while later and I had 30mls of milk from my bottle and then fell asleep again. No matter what mummy and daddy try, I just refuse to wake up at night so I had to have the rest of my milk through my tube in my nose.

I’ve now not been sick for 3 days so maybe that’s why I’m getting bigger!

Daddy says that he will now start doing my updates weekly on a Sunday. The results of the poll were 116 – Daily and 124 – Weekly. It was very close and there were 259 votes in all so thank you to everybody that’s voted.

Daddy will start doing the weekly update this Sunday but will also be adding new pictures regularly so don’t forget to pop in and say hello!

Thank you for all your kind messages on my guestbook. Daddy is saving them and will show them to me when I’m bigger.

See you soon – Tiana xx


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