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Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Wednesday 22nd October 2008 – I was woken up very early today so my nurse could weigh me. After I’d been weighed I played with my toys and waited patiently for daddy to wake up. After what seemed like forever, daddy finally woke up and I bashed him a little bit to let him know I’d been waiting to play. When mummy came in my nurse told mummy and daddy that I’d lost 3oz’s since I was last weighed on Monday.

My doctors came and, after they did the normal prodding and poking, they told mummy and daddy that they were concerned I’d lost weight and would like me to have an echo. That’s when the man or lady with the laptop bigger than daddy’s comes to see me and uses it to look at my heart. They said it was just to check my heart was still working as it should be and my new plastic valve was still stopping my blood going the wrong way in my heart.

Mummy and daddy looked a bit worried but I smiled at them to let them know I was feeling fine and there was nothing to worry about. My doctors told mummy and daddy they could take me to have my echo downstairs so they got me ready and played some games with me. I had egg custard for breakfast and then my nurse came and stuck a big cotton wool bud in my nose and one in my throat! It was so she could take some samples to see if I still had MRSA but the one she took from my throat made me very sick. Daddy and my nurse cleaned me up and my nurse changed my bedding again and then mummy and daddy put me in my pushchair to go for my scan.

We got downstairs and waited in the room where I was having my echo. There was some pretty patterns on the ceiling that I watched for a bit and daddy made some pretty bubbles with a little bottle. Then the man came in and I had to lay still while he put some yukky stuff on my chest. Then mummy and daddy had to hold my arms and I let everybody know, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn’t a happy bunny! I cried for a while and eventually daddy picked me up and cuddled me. I soon settled down and fell asleep and daddy put me back down so the man could finish looking at my heart.

When my echo had finished the man told mummy and daddy that a doctor would come and speak to them about the results so they took me back upstairs and went to get some lunch. I had a little bit of spring vegetables and chicken and then my nurse put my milk through the tube in my nose. I fell asleep and woke up when mummy and daddy came back.

My nurse came to see mummy and daddy and told them that the results of my scan were fine so they weren’t too sure why I’d lost 3oz’s and would keep an eye on me. I smiled at mummy and daddy because I knew my heart was ok because it doesn’t hurt like it used to anymore! Me and mummy then had some cuddles on daddy’s bed and then daddy had a cuddle and we played a bit. I got tired again and daddy put me back in my cot for a sleep. While I was asleep a lady came to see mummy and daddy. She asked how I was and explained to them that I would need to have my blood tested very often when I go home. Mummy and daddy will have to take me to my local hospital every week for a year or so and, eventually, mummy and daddy will be given a special machine so they can prick my finger at home once a month to test my blood thinning drug is working. The lady also said I may be able to move to the patient hotel across the road as it will take a while for the doctors to get my warfarin levels right.

I woke up a little while later and daddy was fast asleep on his bed! Mummy kept me entertained by playing with me and then she gave me some mango and banana for tea. It was actually quite yummy and I ate quarter of a jar before I had my milk in the tube in my nose. Daddy woke up as mummy was settling me to go to sleep and they went to get a drink. When they got back I was fast asleep!


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