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Wednesday 24th September 2008

Wednesday 24th September 2008

Wednesday 24th September 2008 – I was a very good girl last night and slept all night apart from when my nurse came to check my temperature and give me my medicines. I also woke up when the X-ray nurse came very early in the morning but I soon went back to sleep.

Daddy arrived very early today and the nurse told him how good I’d been during the night. The nurse told him that I was now starting on my Warfarin which is a special medicine that I need to take everyday for the rest of my life. It stops my blood clotting which could damage my new artificial valve but it also means I will bruise easier and mummy and daddy will have to be very careful in case I cut myself because I will bleed more than people that don’t have my medicine.

The doctors came and said that I could have the ventilator taken away later in the morning after they had seen all the other patients in CICU. I was very pleased and was so happy that when the nurses that push my chest and do my suctioning came in, I only cried for a little while!

I was extubated (taken off the ventilator) just before lunchtime and when daddy came to see me I just had a small tube gently blowing air into my nose. I was so happy that I cried a lot because I was so relieved not to have the ventilator tube in my throat. It was very strange because I could hear myself crying! Daddy put his head gently on my tummy and gave me lots of kisses and I stopped crying when he did that, but every time he moved I cried again. After a short time the doctor told my nurse I would need to have my special hat on again (CPAP).

When the nurse put me back onto CPAP I wasn’t very impressed at all! I cried and tried to take it off but it is too tight. The nurse then nearly made me sick by putting a tube down my throat so I can have my medicines. She explained to daddy that there wasn’t enough space to put it in my nose because of the CPAP. Daddy looked very upset because I kept gagging but he held my hand and tried to calm me down. In the end my nurse gave me some special medicine to help me sleep.

Just before I fell asleep a man brought in a letter and big box. Daddy opened them for me and one was a card (daddy can’t remember who it was from right now but he knows it was from a friend of mummy’s from BabyExpert) and in the box was a really pretty pink mirror that plays music and lights up from mummy’s friend Sadie. Daddy showed it to me and I really liked it especially the music! It made me feel much calmer and I fell asleep.

Because I’ve been so upset today daddy hasn’t had a chance to cuddle me but he’s said as long as I’ve settled down he’ll try to have a cuddle later tonight. My nurse has also told daddy that I have a high temperature again so she has sent some of my blood to the lab for tests. I hope it’s not another infection but we’ll have to wait a few days to find out.

When daddy came back a little bit later I was awake and calm. I watched him for a little while as he stroked my hair and held my hand. Then he asked the nurse if he could give me a cuddle… and the nurse said yes!

Daddy sat in the chair next to my cot and the nurse picked me up and put me into daddy’s arms. It felt so nice being held after nearly 3 weeks! I was so good the nurse even took off my CPAP and I breathed normally on my own and even nearly managed to smile at daddy! I started coughing a little bit but I was ok and daddy gave me lots of kisses and rocked me and sang In the Night Garden. Then he had to put me back on my cot because I needed a new nappy. When daddy had finished changing me I fell asleep and felt much, much better! I’m looking forward to more cuddles tomorrow!


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