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Week commencing 1st December 2008

Week commencing 1st December 2008

Week commencing 1st December 2008 – Hospital life seems a distant memory now. We still have to go back twice a week for my ritual stabbings (usually it’s one or 2 in both my feet but sometimes it can be more if it’s not done right – I make it very obvious I’m not happy!) to test my INR levels. It looks like my medication is working because my levels have been stable all week and my nurse told mummy and daddy that I don’t need to go back to be stabbed until next week!

Daddy was very brave when he had his operation and is back home already! He only stayed at hospital for one night and, when me, mummy and Dylan went to collect him, I was very confused when all the doctors came in and looked at daddy but ignored me (not that I minded!). They told daddy his operation went well and he could go home. I think daddy was very pleased because I think he’s had enough of hospitals.

I’ve been a very good girl and have tried very hard to drink most of my milk from my bottle. The problem is that the tube in my nose makes it a bit uncomfortable to drink properly so I get excited when I see my bot bot and go for it with great gutso to begin with… then my throat gets a bit tickly so I stop and mummy and daddy put the rest down my tube in my nose.

I do like eating my dinners though and have a new favourite. It’s got sausages and tomatoes in it and it tastes really yummy! I kick my legs when mummy and daddy are giving it to me to let them know I’m enjoying it and even ate nearly a whole tin the other day! I’ve been sick a few times since I’ve been home but nothing like as much as I was when I was at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Mummy and daddy are going to give me more special caroles (Tiana means calories) in my milk to try to help me put more weight on but are going to monitor me closely and will reduce the amount of caroles I have in my milk if I start being sick again. When I was weighed today I was 11lb 3oz’s so I’ve not put a lot on in the last week but at least I’ve not lost any…

One of the best things about being home again is being able to have cuddles and playtime with mummy, daddy and Dylan. I also have lots and lots of toys and have 2 favourites. One is my blue airfalant (Tiana means elephant) that sings and the other is a little Lion that I think is my airfalant’s brother! I spin a little wheel on their tummies and they sing songs so I just play the songs over and over. First I play the airfalant song and then I play the lion song. I really like them and, if they fall out of my comfy chair, I try to lean out to pick them up… I’ve nearly come a cropper once or twice but mummy and daddy have been there to rescue me!

Mummy has been very excited this week. A little while ago she entered a competition on another website called Facebook. Last week they told mummy that my story had got through to the final 5 and that they were sending us a video camera as a prize so mummy could make a video. People can then vote on the video to help us win the competition!

I’m going back to hospital tomorrow to see my heart doctor from London. He wants to check my heart is still working as it should so I have to be good and let him put goo all over me and then put a special camera that can see my heart. It doesn’t hurt but I don’t like being held down for too long so I’ll be brave and will let him look – as long as he’s quick. Otherwise he’ll get ‘eyes’…

Dylan is getting very excited about father Christmas coming to see us and has made a big list of things he’d like. I’m not sure he’ll get everything (the list is very, very, very long…!) he’s asked for but I’m sure we’ll both have a really nice time! I love our pretty tree and lights and the hangy things dangling from the ceiling! Mummy even bought me a santa hat today and put it on me when we were shopping. Lots of people smiled at me while I had it on so I smiled back to be polite.

Our local paper came and took lots of pictures of all of us and then put my story in their paper again to let people know I am now home. You can read the article here.

It’s getting very late now and daddy needs to take me to bed because I’ve crashed out in front of the tv again! Mummy will be up early to give me my breakfast and then we’ve all got to go to the hospital. Daddy will do another update next week. Bye for now xx


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