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Week Commencing 1st March 2009

Week commencing 1st March 2009

Week commencing 1st March 2009 – I’ve been a very clever girl since daddy last did an update… I’ve also had to be very brave and I’ve put on even more weight!

My home nurse has been coming to see me every week since I got home from hospital in November. She weighs me with her special scales (which I don’t like because it’s not very comfortable!) and has been very impressed with how well I’ve been gaining weight since I was last ill. The week before last I surprised everybody by putting on an incredible 8oz’s in just one week! My weight went from 13lbs 5oz’s to a very healthy 13lbs 13oz’s! The following week I dropped an ounce but am still 13lbs 12oz’s which is the biggest I have ever been and is showing I’m now beginning to make use of the extra caroles (Tiana means calories) that mummy and daddy put into my milk every day. I usually take 160oz’s 3 times a day on top of breakfast, lunch and din din’s. I especially like my savoury din din’s and my favourites are pork, apple and vegetables and, of course, roast dinners – Yummy! Because I’m doing so well my home nurse has said mummy can take me to be weighed in the big hall with all the other babies in future so she won’t be coming to see me again.

I’ve been back to the hospital a few times to be stabbed but it hasn’t been going very well. In fact I’ve been stabbed at the hospital so many times now I know what’s about to happen before I’m even taken into the torture room by mummy or daddy! As soon as I recognise the waiting room I get very, very upset and cry lots. Mummy or daddy try very hard to calm me down and make me feel better but I get scared and just want to go home. The time before last that daddy took me was especially traumatic. My blood nurse came in and daddy got me ready by holding my leg so the nurse could butcher it. Then, after lots of squeezing, she got some blood on the little machine. Unfortunately for me it didn’t work so daddy had to get me ready to have my other foot stabbed. Daddy was getting upset too and I think my blood nurse was as well. The nurse asked one of her friends to come and help and stabbed me again and tried to get enough blood to get a reading. Again the machine didn’t work. At this point I was so upset I was sick so daddy said he’d bring me back in a few days. When we went back again I was very brave and luckily only had to be stabbed once. Mummy took me again the last week and my blood nurse told her that I can go 4 weeks before I need to be stabbed again. Mummy, daddy, my blood nurses and of course, me, are very pleased about that!

I’ve been waking up a lot in the night and early in the mornings too but I’m a bit puzzled as to how mummy and daddy know what I get up to when I’m supposed to be asleep. They say they can see me in my cot in a very small tv they have by their bed but, whenever I look at it, all I see is an empty cot! Anyway, when I can’t sleep, I usually sit up in my cot and play with Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and wrestle with Bee Bee until I get tired and go back to sleep. I’m very quiet and try not to wake mummy and daddy up so I don’t cry. What mummy and daddy don’t know is that I’ve been secretly practising my crawling and, today 1st March 2009, I finally crawled properly! Mummy and daddy were very impressed and so was nanny Chris who’d come round to see me and Dylan. Daddy managed to film me crawling for the first time and you can see how I did below…

Yep! I’m crawling!

I really enjoyed crawling and, now I’m getting bigger and stronger, I’m doing lots of new things. Last week mummy and daddy took me to a big field that had funny chairs that moved! I loved it, even if it was a bit cold and am looking forward to going again with Dylan soon.

Mummy and daddy got very excited about a letter that came last week. I have been nominated to receive a Child of Courage award by my local council and have been selected in the top 3 in my category! This means we all have to go to a special dinner where a very brave man called Simon Weston will present awards to various people throughout the evening. Daddy & Dylan have to wear a bow ties and me and mummy need pretty dresses too! Mummy, daddy and Dylan will have a nice dinner and I have to be on my best behaviour (I always am anyway!) so daddy will do an update once we’ve been and will put some pictures on a special page on my website for me. The awards dinner is on 20th March so make sure you check my website on 21st March to see if I won!

See you again soon!


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