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Week commencing 24th November 2008

Week commencing 24th November 2008

Week commencing 24th November 2008 – It’s hard to believe I’ve been home for just over a week now! I’ve settled in very well and love being able to watch tv and sleep in my comfy chair without worrying about any nurses coming in and stabbing me all the time.

Since I’ve been home I’ve had to go back to the hospital 3 times to be stabbed. The doctors are hoping that, in time, they’ll be able to reduce the amount of times I have to go back to have my INR levels checked. It’s been between 1.4 and 5.4 since I left hospital so is fairly stable but still needs monitoring regularly. I’ve been visited by 2 different home nurses and have been weighed too. I am doing really well with my bottles and am usually drinking between 40 – 80mls each feed. This is on top of the half a jar of dinner I have an hour before my bottle. I was weighed yesterday and am now 11lb 1oz’s!

My weight increase has definitely improved and so has my sickness! I’ve only been sick a couple of times since I’ve been home. Strangely enough it was just after mummy and daddy had got me ready to go to the hospital to be stabbed… Apart from those 2 vomits I’ve managed to keep all my milk and dinners in my tummy. All I have to do now is start finishing all my milk from my bottle and then I can have this horrid feeding tube that’s stuck in my nose taken away! I keep having little tugs at it but I’ve been very good and haven’t pulled it out yet…

I have to have lots of medicines again now I’m home. Mummy and daddy have to give them to me at certain points throughout the day; At 7:30 in the morning I have 1.5mls of domperidone (to help me digest my food). Then at 8am I have 0.2mls of captopril (for my heart). I then have a little break before my next medicines at 10am. I have 2.5mls of sytron (an iron supplement), 0.75mls of furosemide (a diuretic) and 0.4mls of spironactolone (another diuretic). Then I have another break until 12pm when I have 0.3mls of dalivit (vitamins) and 1.5mls of domperidone again. At 2pm I have 0.2mls of captopril and then nothing for 3 hours. At 5pm I have 1.5mls of domperidone and, an hour later, my wafarin which is usually between 1 – 2mls. I don’t have anymore medicines until mummy and daddy wake me up at 10pm when I have 2.5mls of sytron and 0.2mls of captopril.

Most of the time I have my medicines through the tube in my nose but I’m also being very good and taking some of them orally. Mummy and daddy are trying to get me to take more of them orally so I can have my tube taken out but it may be a long time before that happens.

I’ve been having great fun since I’ve been home. Me and Dylan play lots and mummy and daddy make me laugh all the time. I’m so happy to be home that I only cry to let mummy and daddy know when it’s time to feed me and even then I don’t cry for long. We’ve been out a few times and the other day we went into town and bought lots of shiny things. I thought they were very pretty but didn’t know what they were. Then, on Sunday, daddy went out in the white cold stuff that was falling from the sky and came back with a big tree which he’s planted in the sitting room! It’s very big and mummy has put lots of shiny things on it and some lights that flash! I think it’s really pretty and love watching it flash.

Mummy and daddy said that soon a nice man with magical reindeers will come to visit me and Dylan and will leave us some nice presents which we can unwrap. Apparently we need a tree to grow in the house so this man, Santa, can have somewhere safe to leave our presents. Dylan is very excited and says he’s written a list for Santa from him and me. Mummy and daddy said this Christmas is going to be the bestest Christmas ever because we are all going to be at home to share it together. I personally don’t know what all the fuss is about but smile lots anyway.

I’m going to be one year old in 3 weeks time! I’ve already had lots and lots and lots of cards sent to me which mummy and daddy and Dylan are going to open for me on my birthday. Mummy said she is going to get me a nice cake but daddy said he’ll eat my bit for me because I can’t eat cake yet – isn’t he nice?! Talking of daddy, he has missed going to hospital so much, he’s decided to go into hospital on Friday to have an operation and will need a month off work so poor mummy has got me, Dylan and daddy to look after. Daddy has said he’ll be very good and be brave and has told mummy he’ll use one of my rattles (the one with bells on it) to let mummy knows when he needs a cup of tea. I don’t think mummy was very impressed!

I’ve been practising my crawling techniques but still can’t move forwards yet. It’s hard work keeping my head up and getting my knees underneath me so I tend to tuck my head into my chest and  wiggle my bum a lot. Then I roll over and play with one of my toys for a bit!

Right, I’m now off to splash mummy and daddy while I have my bath. Daddy will continue doing weekly updates and will try to do them on a Sunday or Monday. See you soon!


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