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Week commencing 26th January 2009

Week commencing 26th January 2009

Week commencing 26th January 2009 – First of all I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates recently. Daddy has been very busy launching his new website, building a new website for a client and working too! Luckily he still has time to play with me though so I’ll forgive him just this¬† once.

The last time daddy did an update I weighed a portly 12lb’s 6oz’s… Well I’m pleased to announce I now weigh an even portlier 13lb’s! I’m doing much better with my bot bot’s now and am hardly ever sick. This is because the tube in my nose isn’t there anymore so I’m glad I pulled it out when it was my birthday. One of the things mummy and daddy were worried about when I took my tube out, was how I’d take my warfarin. Well they needn’t have worried. I have it every day at 6pm after mummy or daddy mix the tablets in water for me. In fact I’m so good I even open my mouth when I see the syringe!

My INR (International Normalisation Rate) is still a little up and down though. A normal persons INR will be about 1. Mine needs to be between 2.5 and 3.5 because of my artificial heart valve. It seemed to stabilise around 3.2 for a while but has recently fallen and it was 1.5 when my nurses stabbed me yesterday. Because of that reading I’m having 1.5mg of warfarin one day and 2mg the next. I think I’m being stabbed again next week to see if that’s helped. Lucky me….

Some of you may know that mummy entered a competition on a website called Facebook. The competition was called ‘Facebook for Good’ and was open to anyone in the UK to enter and was to show how Facebook can be used to make a difference. Mummy entered my story about how Facebook helped us raise over ¬£2000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Mummy asked people to vote for our story to win and, on the 11th January we got a phone call to say we’d won! I’d like to say thank you to everybody that voted for us and thank you too for all the support so many people have given me, mummy, daddy and Dylan over the past year.

Because we won a national competition we received quite a bit of media coverage including newspapers like The Evening Standard, The Sun, our local papers and even radio and TV!

I’ve been trying very hard to learn new things since I’ve been home. I’m getting much better at nearly crawling but can only seem to go backwards! I can also nearly sit up once I’ve got bored with trying to figure out how to crawl forwards. I can also lean right out of my bouncy chair and bumbo so mummy and daddy have to watch me carefully in case I go bump… I still can’t get my musical walker to move but I do love bashing all the buttons and making the lights flash and music play though…

I’ve also learnt a new game that I play with mummy and daddy. If I’m sitting on their laps they’ll say “Tiana, Tiana, where are you?! We can’t see you…” I then turn my head away and then peek at them before I turn away again! It’s really funny and I love playing it! I also play peek-a-boo with a blanket or top.

Me and daddy do lots of dancing and I get very excited whenever I see the In the Night Garden website on daddy’s laptop! I squeal and look at daddy and then hold on tight while daddy dances with me! I am usually in stitches before we’ve finished and sometimes daddy does it twice in a row!

I’m also finding I like some new food. Daddy likes eating something called a Wispa… well so do I..! Whenever daddy’s eating one I try to grab it and suck it until it starts to melt and gets all gooey… It can get a bit messy…

Daddy promises he won’t leave the next update so long so check back again in a couple of weeks. I’m fast asleep at the moment but soon daddy will come and get me to give me my bot bot and then I’ll have a snuggle with mummy and daddy before I go to bed for the night.

See you again soon!


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