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Week commencing 9th February 2009

Week commencing 9th February 2009

Week commencing 9th February 2009 – What a busy couple of weeks I’ve had! I’ve gained more weight, been stabbed more times than I care to count and been given a clean bill of health from my special heart doctor from London!

The day after daddy did my last update I needed to go to the hospital to have my INR level checked. It needs to be monitored closely as warfarin isn’t an exact science so my INR can go too high or fall too low. My target range is 2.5 – 3.5. Mummy and daddy took me to the clinic in Norwich where a nurse comes in and warms my feet up in a bowl of water. I’m usually quite agitated while she’s doing this because I know what’s about to happen. Mummy and daddy do their best to comfort me and they have to hold my hands away from my mouth because I bite them quite hard while I’m being stabbed. Once my feet are warm enough my nurse asks mummy or daddy to hold my foot still while she takes aim with her instrument of torture and stabs my heel. She waits for a little while to make sure enough blood has come out then tries to get it to fall on a very small plastic target that sticks out from the machine she has in her hand. What should happen is that my blood drips onto the plastic and the machine then calculates what my INR is. I say ‘should happen’ because it doesn’t always work! If it goes wrong my nurse then has to stab my other foot to try again. On this occasion it didn’t work 3 times! In the end mummy and daddy asked if we could come back the next day as I had an appointment with my heart specialist. The blood nurse said that was fine and apologised to me, mummy and daddy.

We all went home and I then had some yummy dinner in my high chair. I’m eating a lot better now and look forward to my din dins and get excited when mummy or daddy ask me if I want some. I’m now eating lumpy food and really like roast dinners and cottage pie. Daddy said I’ll be able to have some of the dinners he cooks soon so I can’t wait because they smell really yummy!

The next day my home nurse came to weigh me again. I was 13lb’s 3oz’s so put on 3 ounces in less than a week which is one of my biggest ever gains. I think it’s because I’m not sick anymore and drink most of my bot bots as well as eat lots of dinners.

After my home nurse had weighed me we all went to the hospital to see my special heart doctor. I was weighed again and my special food doctor asked mummy and daddy lots of questions about my feeding and weight. She was really pleased that I was putting weight on at last and so are mummy and daddy. If I carry on like this I won’t need another operation to fit a permanent tube into my tummy!

My special heart doctor was pleased to see me and started his special machine that looks at my heart. I was very good and kept very still while he checked to see if my new valve was working. It didn’t take too long and he was very happy with my heart function. In fact he was so pleased he told mummy and daddy he didn’t need to see me again for 6 months! He said my heart was working very well and the new valve was doing it’s job. Mummy and daddy were delighted and so was I.

Once I’d had my scan daddy had to go to work so mummy took me upstairs to see my blood nurses again. She told them that my heart doctor had suggested they try taking the blood from my fingers instead of my feet so they tried that way… Now, I thought having my feet stabbed was painful enough. Having my fingers stabbed was EVEN worse! The first attempt failed but my finger wouldn’t stop bleeding so I got blood all over mine and mummy’s clothes. Then they tried again and finally managed to get a reading which showed my INR was very low at 1.8. Usually I calm down very quickly after being stabbed but having been stabbed twice in my fingers I was still very upset by the time mummy had got me back to our car. I settled down once we were on our way home and I heard mummy tell daddy on her phone that being stabbed in my fingers hadn’t gone too well. I think they’ll ask my blood nurse to stab my feet next time…

I’ve been playing a lot in my playpen at home and love the way I can grab my toys and wrestle with Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy too. I’m trying a lot harder to crawl and can nearly get back into a sitting position after I’ve been on my tummy for a while.

I now go to bed at 8pm and don’t get woken up by mummy or daddy until the morning which is great because I don’t like being woken up when I’m tired. Mummy usually gets me and gives me my breakfast before I have my bot bot. Then me and daddy have a cuddle and playtime after he’s taken Dylan to school. Things are definitely better since I’ve been home this time and I’m settled into a nice routine at long last.

See you again soon!


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