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Yippee! It’s summertime!


My favourite time of year has finally arrived! I love the sun and, now I’m getting bigger, I can even go and play in my garden on my own! Mummy and daddy do come and watch me a lot though just in case I get lost in the long grass. Although it isn’t quite as long as it was since me and daddy cut it. I was not impressed when daddy first started the lawnmower but, after he promised me it wouldn’t hurt me, I was very brave and showed daddy what parts of the grass needed cutting.

Now the grass is short again I can look forward to playing football in the garden with Dylan and daddy which is really good because we all love football! We play it a lot in the house (Dylan plays it a lot on the television) and we sometimes go to the park where I help daddy and Dylan by fetching the ball when it goes a long way away from them.

I also get to play outside when I go to nursery and I’m getting very good at going down the slide and bouncing on the trampoline. My helpers, Lisa and Vicky, keep a very close eye on me to make sure I don’t go bump and last week, because it was hot, they put a hat on me. I wasn’t very impressed though so I went into the wendy house and took it off. Then I quickly left the wendy house and played with my bestest friend Lola. I’m pretty sure nobody noticed the hat had gone…

Apart from playing outside when I can I’ve also been quietly getting bigger and bigger and now weigh a hefty 11.4kg’s (go me!) although the average weight of my friends is around 16kg’s so I’ve got a little way to go to catch up still. I’m also getting taller and have been growing out of my trousers. This is causing mummy some problems because I can still fit into some 18-24mth trousers but anything bigger and they keep falling down because my tummy isn’t very big!

I can now say ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’ and ‘Nana’ but nothing else! Mummy and daddy try to get me to say a new word every day but I can’t quite manage it and giggle at them when they try to teach me something because they look silly and know I can’t talk! I’m getting very good at signing though and can even sign more than one word together to say things like “Brother-Xbox-Football” or “Daddy-sleeping-home” and even “Daddy-iPad-Please”! I’ve learnt to sign some more colours too and can now do green, pink, red, white and yellow. So why mummy, daddy and everybody else wants me to talk I really don’t know. Mummy and daddy know what I want when I ask them and that’s good enough for me. I’ll talk soon though. And then I’ll probably be told to be quiet..!

I have to see my special heart doctor soon for a scan to make sure my heart valve is still working properly. I think it probably is because I have been very well lately and my INR has been very stable. Daddy is getting very good at stabbing me at home and I try to help by making sure my blood goes into the special computer on the table. Sometimes though I am too quick so daddy has to stab me a second time. I don’t like it very much but I know I have to have it done so when I stop crying I give daddy a big cuddle and we play some games or read a book. Then we have another cuddle and daddy makes me giggle.

After summer I am going to the big children’s school near my nursery. I’m excited but also sad because I’m going to miss everybody at my nursery. But I will be going to school where my bestest friend Lola is going so at least I’ll know some of the children there. Mummy and daddy aren’t looking forward to me going to school though because I’m going to be gone ALL day! I have tried to tell them I’ll be ok though and I’m sure they’ll soon get used to me not being at home so much! I think it will be good fun and I will have Lola and my other friends to look out for me so I’ll be fine.

It’s getting late and mummy and daddy think I’m fast asleep upstairs so I better stop writing now and get some sleep. Tomorrow I am going to nursery all day long so I need a good nights sleep!

Thank you for reading my update and see you soon.

Tiana xx


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